How to Use a DVD as Pendrive Copy Paste

How to Use a DVD as Pendrive Copy Paste

How to Use a DVD as Pendrive Copy Paste

Ever wondered in windows 8 Operating system we can make our new DVD like a Pen drive, Read more, We do not need to burn files into DVD, When you incest a New DVD into your Drive the Program asks about making your DVD/CD as a pen drive. That means it will automatically make your DVD as pen drive method. After that, we can copy past our files in to DVD drive the function will automatically run and write out files into DVD. This future is very helpful to save our time so we do not need any additional burning applications like Nero,How to Use a DVD as Pendrive Copy Paste.

In addition windows 8 We can Copy Past Files into DVD like as PenDrive.


1. Incest Your DVD into Your CD/DVD Driver.

2. After reading your New DVD, the Menu will appear.

3. Select “Make My DVD as Pendrive” Option and Click OK.

After the process, you can easily copy past your files into your DVD without any data burning applications.

The DVD will eject after all your copied files burn successfully, in the next time you incest your DVD into your windows 8 you can do the same process this is very easy way it make our valuable time to save.

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