How to View Hidden Files From USB Removable Pen Drive

How To Protect My PC From Pendrive Removable USB Disc

 View Hidden Files From USB Removable Pen Drive

Read about How to View Hidden Files From USB Removable Pen Drive flash Drive,Removable PenDrive, yes sometime if your Pendrive or computer affected from virus it make all your files and folder is hidden on your removable discs so here I tell you some simple steps to get all your data files back.

View Hidden Files From USB Removable Pen Drive

Method – 1

Open your Pendrive root and go to folder option menu select view all hidden data’s option.



 – 1.Click “View” Menu – 2.Folder “Option-3.Select “View” bar on menu-4.chek “Show hidden files, folders and drivers” option – 5. Click “Apply”.

Method – 2

If you connect your computer with local area connection – Then Share your pen device with local area network and try to open flash device from other computer thru local area connection.

Method – 3

If you are using any other application open the USB Flash device with the application it may show your pendrive data.

Method – 4

Just find out any File Recovery Software online and use the application to get your data back.

Method – 5

If this error shows on your windows 7 or 8, insert the USB drive with other system, which is running with Windows XP.

Method – 6

The File and folder hidden error happen maximum with virus attacks so uninstall your current antivirus program and install a new one update the version and engine and scan your pen drive.

Method – 7

If you cannot get the hidden data’s on your pen, drive the last step – Format your Drive and Do a File Recover Process with any data recovery Applications.



Do not Format your Pen drive until you conform that you cannot get the data back. In addition, if you are using any old type of application like ACDsee open with those application and go to view menu and click show all hidden data’s option. You may get your files back.

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