Install OS (Operating System) Using USB Pen Drive

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Read about how to Install OS Using USB Flash Drive on your pc with a pen drive, somehow if you do not CD/DVD drivers with your computer you have can install your OS system with your pendrive. This method will make your pen drive as a OS Bootable drive after installing your OS system you can format your pendrive use it like before. Just follow these steps to install OS on your PC.

Install OS Using USB Flash Drive


Install OS Using USB Flash Drive

1. Take 2-4 GB Pen drive and do a quick format.

2. If you have, your OS file as img format, just mount the image with any mount software.

In windows8 you can easily mount read this article also.

3. Click here to download “WinSetupFromUSB” Application.

4. Install this Application and Open it.

Install OS with USB Pen Drive


  • 1. You can get your pendrive information in the first menu
  • 2. in second menu just select the bootable so driver name.
  • 3. Finally press go menu in third. After the process your pendrive will change as a Bootable OS installing device, you can install the OS with any system.


This method will save unwanted use of CD/DVD if you have an IMG ISO file in your system you can easily install.

In addition, the pendrive OS installing will finish more quickly.

You can make any operating system into your pendrive after installed the OS just do a quick format. Then your removable device will change like before.

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  1. at the end of the process a dialog box appeared asking to

    open from USB
    1 text mode part of setup
    2 GUI mode part of setup
    3 start windows for first time

    hw should I do

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