Solved Solution for WordPress Admin Panel Not Working

Solved Solution for Word press Admin Panel Not Working. Here is the solution to solve when your WordPress admin Panel not working sometime. When you login to your wordpress admin that will show a white screen error or any other error, so that time you can use these steps to mend your admin panel like before.

Solved Solution for WordPress Admin Panel Not Working

Solved Solution for WordPress Admin Panel Not Working.

There is much thing about your admin panel not working. Because you have to take care of these things.

Open File Zillah application and login with your website FTP username and password

What plugin you installed last time?

If you install any new plugin just delete the Plugin folder using FTP.


Did you change any setting in WordPress last time?

If you change, any settings in wordpress try to figure out that and change those settings like before.



Make sure you user name and password is right?

Make very sure with your username and password if you forgot your password use forgot password recovery option in under your login form.


Do this step at last things when you cannot solve your dashboard problems.


1. Go to public_html Root ? Wp-Content ? Plugins

2. Change the plugin folder name with other one like “Plugin123”.


3. Now all your plugin will be deactivate due to content root change now log into your word press if you cannot login getting other error. Go to the same FTP root and replace the name like before “Plugins”. Now login to your wordpress.


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