Top Free Cloud Caching Plugin Makes Speed Up WordPress Site

Discover The Top Free Cloud Caching Plugin Makes Speed Up WordPress Site. Your website speed depends on with your server and your site content quality. Therefore, you have to make your site content to perform better with cloud catching plugin.

Your website page speed is depends on with your image contend loading speed so you have to make your all image content into cloud here is the free plugin to make your site speed Up.

1. CloudFlare ( Get It Here)



This is a better one largest content delivery network in the world you can get this cloud flare account as free. In addition, install this plugin and enter the API key.

You can get the cloud flare API key with your account Login to your cloud flare in setting menu you can get the API key.

Most of hosting provider has the cloud flare menu In the Panel setting menu so you can also use the panel menu activate cloudflare account for you website.

2. W3 Total Cache ( Get it Here)



Best common plugin used by all leading website admin. Yes this plugin will do the best service to providing the speed up and quite performance of your website content and database. You can also configure your cloud flare setting with this plugin it will make all your pages and post in the catch format and your site will reach any ware in the world very quickly.

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